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Job Details

  • Owner - AeroTron MFG.
  • Engineer - D&S Electric Design Build
  • Construction - $500,000
  • Electrical - $200,000

AeroTron MFG. Manufacturing Facility

Morgan Hill, CA

AeroTron MFG. is a diversified, quality oriented machine shop which provides a variety of products for semiconductor, microwave, medical, telecommunication, military, aerospace, OEM, robitics, hydraulics, and laser industries. They produce custom machine parts and provide prototyping support.

They wanted a new machine shop facility to house their new automated CNC manufacturing line.

For this installation, D&S Electric Design Built an electrical system which included components:

  • One 1,000A 480V Electrical Panel
  • Eight 400A 208V Electrical Panels
  • Fifty CNC Type Manufacturing Machines
  • Three Air Compressors on Exterior Pads
  • Inspection Room
  • R&D Area