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Job Details

  • Owner - Skybox Imaging, Inc.
  • Engineer - D&S Electric Design Build
  • Construction - $500,000
  • Electrical - $150,000

Skybox Imaging Operations Control Center

Mountain View, CA

Skybox Imaging is an information and analytics company that provides easy access to reliable and frequent high-resolution imagery and first-ever HD video of the earth by combining the power of web technologies and a constellation of microsatellites. By operating the world's first coordinated high-resolution imaging constellation, Skybox aims to empower commercial and government customers to make more informed, data-driven decisions that will improve the profitability of companies and the welfare of societies around the world.

They wanted a state of the art mission control center built in mountain view to coordinate their satelite network and manage their data.

The electrical installation for their site included state of the art electrical systems and components:

  • Mission Control Center
  • 80kw Diesel Back-up Generator with Automatic Transfer Switch for Operations Room
  • 10,000ft2 Office TI in four buildings
  • 24,000ft2 Manufacturing and Fabrication Area
  • Three server rooms